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We are happy to announce the launch of our blog and a newly redesigned Yisrael Family Farm website!

This blog is another way for us to keep you up to date on the latest Yisrael Family Farm updates, events and product related news. Check back often and let us know what you think of the new blog and website in the comments!

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In our first year to transform the hood for good, we've been busy and have:

  • Quadrupled our growing space
  • Harvested Hundreds of Pounds of Vegetables and Fruits
  • Harvested Hundreds of Free Range Eggs
  • Hosted School Field Trips
  • Partnered with Alchemist CDC to provide Low-Cost Organic Food to Low-Income Neighborhoods
  • Partnered with Youth Explosion to provide lost cost organically grown food, health and nutrition classes for local residents
  • Been Guest Speakers for African Americans for Balanced Health
  • Hosted  Sol Collective on-farm to Teach About Waterwise Irrigation System
  • Numerous Individual/Group Classes & Tours
  • Trained an Apprentice
  • Taken 3 Children from the Public School System in order to teach them about agriculture as the foundation of all sciences.
  • Installed Gardens for Others
  • Received an Achievement Award for Agriculture at a Youth Conference
  • Shared Our Passion for Self-Sufficiency and Self-Determination
  • Set-up booths at community events such as the Banana Festival, Juneteenth which included planting demonstrations for children

and many more...

Running an Urban Farm takes dedication but the rewards are mouth-watering.  This has been a busy year and we are enjoying this winter season rest.  We are enjoying citrus fruits and leafy greens that are thriving through the cold rainy season.  The winter season is the time of year when we focus our energies internally because there is less work to do externally.

We've been meditating on our future and realizing that we aren't looking to be farmers, but homesteaders.  Farmers grow food to sell while homesteaders grow food to eat.  Farmers sell their food then eat what they can't sell while homesteaders grow their food to eat and sell what they can't eat.  A farm is a purely commercial enterprise first while a homestead is established to foster greater self-reliance and dependence on government regulated systems.

Growing food primarily for sale is a relative new idea while homesteading in concept has been around for at least 8000 years since the first agriculturalists.

We feel good about our new direction.   It gives the time to do what we do best and that's sharing our passion and experience to those looking to homestead OR start a garden of their own.

We want you to know that this is no way changes our mission which is to educate, inspire & demonstrate the principles of cultivation of the soil and the benefits of growing your own food.

We still continue to transform the hood for good as you can see in our list of things accomplished this year.

We thank our fans for the love and encouragement and our partners for the opportunities to join you in accomplishing your goals.

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