DIY Activated Charcoal Facial Mask



Activated charcoal has become increasingly popular in beauty products, and rightly so. This rich black ash has numerous benefits from whitening teeth to alleviating gas and bloating. I enjoy using it in my homemade soap recipes both as a natural colorant and for its many uses for the skin. But what exactly is activated charcoal? Is it the same stuff you use when grilling corn on warm August nights? In short, yes. It is. For the long answer, activated charcoal is carbon that is generally derived from wood, peat or coconut shell. So while its the same stuff you’d grill with, it is actually processed differently. The black powder is very porous and it traps harmful toxins into its tiny pores. Activated charcoal molecules bind with these toxins making them able to be flushed out of the body and washed off the skin.

In addition to using in homemade soap, we use it as a teeth whitener, body cleanse, and in a facial mask. Here is a very simple DIY facial mask that you will love!

In a glass bowl add the water and essential oil. Sprinkle the bentonite clay into the bow. Allow it to absorb for a about 10 seconds before adding the rest of the ingredients. Use a small rubber spatula to mash and mix together. The clay will want to stay lumpy, so this takes a few minutes to mix thoroughly. You’ll have enough mixture here for 2 face masks. Once your mask is mixed, apply it liberally to your face. Allow it to dry, about 10 minutes, before washing off with soap and warm water.

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