Plan Now For Spring

Winter time is almost over and although most things are dormant doesn't mean you have to be.

There are many tasks you can start now that will ensure that your summer is filled with many tasty delights.

Here at The Yisrael Family Farm we've already started planting in our greenhouse.

Here is what we've started in our greenhouse:

I know what you're thinking, tomatoes, aren't they a summer crop?

They are, but since we have a greenhouse we start the plants early so when may comes they are already seedling size and ready to plant.

In addition to planting these things in the greenhouse we've done the following:

  • Sorted seeds by month to plant to make things easy for the coming months
  • Checked over tools including lawn mowers, weed eaters and rototillers to make sure they are working order
  • Identified what fruit trees need to be pruned.

This by all means is not an exhaustive list, but it's a great start to get a jump on the weather.

Growing organic requires a bit more planning and management, but the reward is GOOD FOOD without paying over-inflated grocery store prices.  As much work as it seems, even a working person can easily grow enough vegetables to put a dent in their food bill.

Tour our farm and we can show you how we went from  90 sq ft to over 1000 sq ft in a few years.

For beginning gardeners we have classes and monthly workshops to talk about things that impact us as urban farmers and homesteaders.  Also, you can volunteer to help us out during one of our volunteer days in which you can pick up skills while helping us transform our hood for good.

Last but not least, if you like this blog comment on other subjects you would like to see us share our knowledge on.


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