Fall Gifts from the Herb Garden

October 10, 2019 @ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Yisrael Family Urban Farm
4505 Roosevelt Ave
Sacramento, CA 95820, Sacramento
CA 95820
The Yisrael Family Urban Farm
Fall Gifts from the Herb Garden @ Yisrael Family Urban Farm | Sacramento | CA | US

Making your own gifts from the fall garden is a great way to connect with nature, empower yourself to get creative, and have fun with the family.

Join us for a fun evening of making gifts from the herb garden. We will make a body scrub, body spray, and tea blends that can be used for bath and drink. Each guest will take home what they make and body care recipes!


Our guest instructor is Maria Schiffler, herbalist and CEO/Founder of Sapphire Herbal Boutique (organic homegrown herbs and body care products). She grows over twenty types of herbs in her small garden and uses her herbs daily for natural healing. As a UC Master Gardener and Co-Project Leader for the Herb Garden at FOHC she helps manage over 50 annual and perennial herbs, and educates home gardeners on how easy it can be to start their own herb garden

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