November 2, 2014

Project GOOD!

There is growing evidence that children are increasingly disconnected from the natural world. Without direct experiences in nature, research fndings suggest that children are missing opportunities to enhance their health and well-being. In an increasingly urbanised world—with television, computers, and extracurricular activities competing for time—fewer children have the opportunity to enjoy playing in nature.

Through team building exercises, hands on projects, and field trips, Project GOOD (Growing Our Own Destiny) is the vehicle we will use to cultivate the youth and plant fertile seeds in the soil of their minds.  Through group mentor-ship, skill-building workshops, and neighborhood organizing, The Yisrael Family Urban Farm improves the food security, self-reliance and health of our community.  We have worked alongside volunteers and neighbors in the construction of backyard gardens.

Project G.O.O.D. (Growing Our Own Destiny) brings youth together to have fun while learning where food comes from, how it is grown and how to prepare it. Careful mentoring, meaningful work, humor and kindness are at the center of all we do at The Yisrael Family Urban Farm!

Youth will find value in real work, experience first-hand what it means to be stewards of the earth, reconnect with food, and reconnect with nature.

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In the Project G.O.O.D. Program youth will:

  • Will have the opportunity to prepare lunch for one another using food grown on the farm .Youth may learn how to make bread from scratch, wield a cutting knife effectively, and prepare great meals.
  • Will receive a stipend for their work and participation.

Project GOOD is planned and implemented in a way that allows for and encourages youth to enhance their leadership abilities. Youth are challenged to take on responsibility for their personal success as well as success of the farm and our organization.

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For more information on Project GOOD or for information on how to apply, please contact us. at (888) 487-9494 or via email at


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