January 24, 2018

Urban Roots Initiative

Our Urban Roots Initiative is the vehicle we use to cultivate community and plant fertile seeds in the soil of their hearts and minds.


Our garden build program supports and provides materials, education, and inspiration for new and experienced gardeners to produce food. Local food production will improve the food security, self-reliance, overall health of our community.

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We introduce great tasting meals and snacks using real food that is fresh and whole.Our cooking classes are designed support the development of cooking skills and experiences that lend themselves to use of clean, whole ingredients.

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Project GOOD (Growing our own destiny) is our youth development program where we cultivate the minds of young people to grow themselves, the community and healthy food. Low-income youth, the G-squad, participates in a summer intensive where they are empowered to create community food solutions, receive tools and trainings to build trust and to build a sustainable and equitable food system. 

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Herbal remedies is every person's birthright. Practicing herbal medicine brings us closer to our ancestors and teaches us about our past. Learn to care for yourself, your family, and your community by starting with a few simple recipes. Our herbal workshops are held at our location or yours.

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